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What are the key elements of a hybrid event?

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Cole Morgan

It is no secret that the events industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. However, the industry quickly adapted and embraced technology, giving rise to a new genre of events - hybrid events. Hybrid events, as the name suggests, combine elements of both virtual and in-person events. These events have gained tremendous popularity among event planners and attendees, as they offer the best of both worlds. This blog will discuss the key elements of hybrid events that make them unique and how they can benefit corporate events.

1. Virtual Component:

The most crucial element of a hybrid event is the virtual component. The virtual component of a hybrid event allows remote attendees to participate in real-time. This component can be in the form of a live stream of the event or a completely virtual event, with participants tuning in from their devices. This unique component allows attendees from around the world and remote areas to attend the event without traveling. This could be for reasons other than to prevent the spread of illness (wink wink), like a new born child, a tough work schedule, or to increase the diversity and inclusion of an event for those situations that preclude travel.

2. In-Person Component:

Another critical element of a hybrid event is the in-person component. The in-person component allows attendees to meet and network face-to-face while following safety guidelines. These in-person components can be in the form of networking lounges, breakout sessions, and keynote speeches. The in-person component offers opportunities to build relationships, expand networks, and make business deals. It allows attendees to experience the event's atmosphere, energy, and vibes. The in-person component also makes the event more memorable, as participants can take tangible items and memories home.

This is well know and well serviced side of the industry. It's when the in-person component needs to work seamlessly with the virtual side that hybrid can be a headache. If you or your team need support with this, get in touch to see how we can help!

3. Hybrid Event Technology:

Technology is a valuable element of hybrid events. Hybrid events combine advanced technology tools with physical events to create a seamless experience for attendees. The technology component can include video conferencing tools, event apps, gamification, live polling, and more. These tools add to the event's interactivity, engagement, and personalization. The technology element also helps event planners with metrics, data collection, and on-demand content.

4. Flexibility for the Audience and the Producers:

Flexibility is another crucial element of hybrid events. Hybrid events offer attendees the flexibility to choose their preferred mode of participation, i.e., virtual or in-person. This flexibility makes the event more accessible to a diverse audience, increasing attendance rates. Attendees can also switch between virtual and in-person, giving their plans and schedules flexibility. The flexibility element makes hybrid events inclusive and accommodating.

This can payoff huge for event producers and organizers when attendees are able to change their method of attends vs a no-show.

5. Production Value:

Most producers and event hosts now have a question, do hybrid events require high production value? Maybe.

The production value element ensures that the virtual and in-person components of the event align seamlessly. It's key to have THE RIGHT technology and solutions deployed, not necessarily the most expense. This means that the experience, content, and branding are consistent across both formats and bring equity to the two ticket levels. In person or virtually, high production value makes the event more professional and engaging, raising the bar for future events.


In conclusion, a successful hybrid event must include the virtual component, in-person component, technology element, flexibility, and production value. These elements offer a unique experience to attendees, expanding the event's reach and impact. Hybrid events offer benefits to enterprises, such as increased attendance, reduced costs, and higher ROIs. As the world adjusts to the new normal, hybrid events are here to stay. We hope this blog offers valuable insights into what makes a hybrid event unique and how it can benefit corporate events, or any events!

Want to learn more or run your own event? Get in touch with our team today to see how we can take all the hassle out of hyrbid.

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